about teapigs

why the name teapigs?

Ha! We get asked this so many times. Well, we wanted a memorable name, and this really summed us up. We're just greedy for great tea and will do anything to get more. Fancy being a teapig like us?

are teapigs owned by Tetley?

As many of you may know, teapigs was set up by Nick and Lou who spent good years working at Tetley before they embarked on the teapigs adventure, and their mission to bring quality tea to UK tea lovers. They started the teapigs journey from scratch, dreaming up the blends, building the IKEA shelves and operating from a little office in Ealing. They secured start-up funding from what is now Tata Consumer Products (then Tata Global Beverages), of which teapigs is a subsidiary. For many years, teapigs has been self-funded and self-managed with Tata Consumer supporting us at arm’s length. We are now going through a period of closer integration with the wider business which also nurtures brands like Tetley and Good Earth and will continue to focus on what matters to us - our products, people, sustainability, and community projects. 

 From September 2022, the teapigs team will be based in Greenford. Come visit us whenever you like!