Our distributor Arcane in Tokyo, Japan, recently asked one of the chefs from Rougié Sarlat in France  to cook a “smoked escalope de foie gras de canard " using teapigs Chai tea. And what a fantastic taste was agreed by all in the Tokyo office!

Japan is a food lovers paradise. Japanese people are obsessed with food so food is a popular topic of conversation. It's also on Japanese television a great deal.

The quality of ingredients, preparation, presentation and service in Japan are world class and Tokyo has more top rated gourmet restaurants than any other city in the World.

That's not to say that Japanese people are eating gourmet food all the time. There are also everyday foods that are equally delicious and interesting :)

I love Japanese food and here are some photos of my favourite dishes, I appreciate best with Japanese matcha green tea or Iced oolong tea… "gochisosama (deshita)”