From quizzes to after work drinks on Zoom, we're discovering new ways to keep the teapigs team spirit alive whilst most of us are working from home. teapig Thomas came up with the idea to set up our very own film club, where we pick a film to watch each week and have a good old chat about it after... because all this extra time on our hands means that we can finally tackle our super long film bucket list!

We thought we’d share with you some of our favourites, so if you’re in need of some recommendations to add to your list, have a read...

lost in translation

This Oscar winning indie movie explores the unlikely friendship and solace two strangers find in one another whilst in the unfamiliar city of Tokyo. A subtle, off-beat and touching film about loneliness, friendship and familiarity, staring Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray.

baby driver

Baby (played by Ansel Elgort who you might recognise from 'The Fault in Our Stars') is a young getaway driver living in Atlanta. Following a car accident which killed his parents, Baby suffers with tinnitus which he blocks out by listening to music. He ferries crews of robbers led by a criminal mastermind named Doc in order to pay off his debt… a real fast paced, action packed film, with a 10/10 soundtrack!

the grand budapest hotel

A 2014 comedy-drama film with a bright colour palette and jarring camera shots – this is a classic Wes Anderson film. We’d argue it’s his best and a good one to ease you into his weird and wonderful world.

call me by your name

This one is teapig Milly’s all-time favourite! It’s a beautiful love story of Elio and Oliver. Oliver is an older doctoral student who comes to work as an intern for Elio’s father in Italy during one summer in the 1980s. Their romance lasts no more than 6 weeks but the impact lasts a lifetime (cliché but true). Beautiful landscapes, beautiful music and beautiful cast.

the lion king

Need we say more? Whether it’s the 2019 live action, or the 1994 original – one thing’s for sure, we’re still not over THAT Mufasa scene.


This is an epic true story about how a group of investigative journalists in Boston uncovered the massive scandal surrounding child molestation within the local Catholic Church and its attempted cover up. This was a story that shocked the world and threatened the very foundations of the Catholic Church. If you like a dark, tense and gritty drama then this one is for you.  

the theory of everything

This 2014 film gives us a glimpse into the life of world-famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. From his college days, to his relationship with wife Jane and their three children, to his struggle with motor neurone disease – it sure is an interesting one, but be sure to have some tissues at the ready!


This one is a tear-jerker! It’s based on a true story – Saroo, a young Indian boy, gets lost and ends up separated from his family at the age of 5. He eventually gets adopted by an Australian family and moves to Tasmania. Flash forward twenty years… Saroo is played by the fab Dev Patel, Aussie accent, loving parents and a wonderful girlfriend. But he can’t let go of the urge to find his original family. He sets about the impossible task of trying to locate their remote village, which he doesn’t know the name of, in a part of India, he doesn’t know where, using Google Earth. Does he find them? You will have to watch and see! 

a bronx tale

This one's a 1993 American crime drama film directed by Robert De Niro. Based on a play, it’s set in NYC in the 1960s, and tells the story of an Italian-immigrant bus driver’s son who becomes enamoured with the local mafia.

space jam

In attempt to win a basketball match and earn their freedom, the Looney Tunes seek the help of retired basketball champion, Michael Jordan. Yep, it stars the very man himself! Some light-hearted relief for the whole family.

little miss sunshine

A super heartwarming comedy-drama about a family with many dysfunctions going on a road trip to support the daughter in the Little Miss Sunshine Contest. They encounter many challenges along the way, having to deal with each other’s quirks. Relatable, funny and bittersweet all at the same time.

Let us know what films you're loving at the moment so we can add them to our list - tweet us @teapigs! Aaand don't even get us started on Netflix series... two words: Tiger King. Shocking stuff!

Now, pass us the popcorn... or the popcorn tea (yup it's a thing!)

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