Ah, relaxation – the much needed, blissful respite from a hard day’s work. Many of us lead hectic busy lifestyles, so taking time to ourselves can help prevent us from becoming run down and stressed. Sadly, finding the time to take a full lunch break is hard enough, let alone setting aside an hour for yoga or meditation. But there are lots of small ways throughout the day you can find time to really focus on the present - the tea round being one of our personal faves! 3 whole minutes (because you all brew for at least 3 minutes, right!?) to yourself... it might not seem like much, but it all adds up. 

Herbal teas are the real winner when it comes to unwinding – naturally caffeine free, they provide a hug in a mug and help your brain and body wind down. Here are some of our favourites…


Of course we have chamomile on the list.The chamomile flower is celebrated around the world for its benefits, which include calming, aiding sleep and supporting digestion. Most chamomile teas are made by crushing the flowers (no thanks!) but the best chamomile tea comes from brewing the whole flowers which is what we’ve always done. We love ours pure, but you can also add a little honey to sweeten. More about chamomile here.


Right, put that phone down, flip that laptop screen down… it’s time to switch off and enjoy the soothing goodness of calm! Packed with lemon balm, valerian and chamomile, this one is a total winner in a big mug after a long day. For extra comfort we recommend popping on your favourite PJs and tucking yourself under a cosy blanket. Bliss. More about calm here.


We can't lie, a night in with a nice hot cup of snooze is an absolute winner for us! Snooze is a soothing mix of chamomile, apple and lavender – a delicious way to help you drift off into the land of dream. More about snooze here.

honeybush & rooibos

If you're looking for a naturally caffeine-free brew that's similar in taste to regular black tea, this one is for you. How do we like ours? In our favourite mug with a dash of milk, whilst we watch our favourite TV show, of course. If you’re in need of a bit more indulgence, rooibos crème caramel is an absolute must-have. More about honeybush & rooibos here.

matcha latte

A matcha latte is a more indulgent way to enjoy the super duper green stuff. Matcha contains antioxidants and will help calm you and focus your energy throughout the day - it's the perfect drink to enjoy on your lunch break, whilst reading a chapter of your book. Check out our matcha range here.

cold brew

And last (but by no means least) our cold brew teas. We love popping a temple in our water bottle and topping it up with water throughout the day (yup, the flavour lasts that long!) The only difficult part? Deciding whether to go for lychee & rose or apple & cucumber first...

Which blend helps you relax? Let us know by tweeting us @teapigs!

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