Now, you lot all know the teapigs office is packed full of tea fanatics (our tea rounds are a sight to behold!), so it'll come as no surprise to you to hear our warehouse is, too!

They're the unsung heroes of team teapigs - the ones who make sure all the tea is where it needs to be for you guys to enjoy a proper cuppa. So, after a mad few years of lockdowns and a mid-pandemic relocation from our Brentford HQ to their shiny new warehouse in Hanwell, we thought it was high time to introduce you to the gang. 

First up is Soph, our Warehouse Manager.

When did you join teapigs? 
October 2018, as a part-time packer... now I'm here!

What were you doing before you started here? 
I was working in the packing room for a snack company.

What does your typical day look like? 
The most common occurrences in my day include preparing orders for the team to pick and pack, checking in on scheduled deliveries, liaising with other teams about their orders, working on new processes and improvements for the team and the warehouse... basically keeping everything moving!

How have things changed for you guys since the pandemic started?
Before the pandemic we were a team of three in a small packing room to the side of our office!

When lockdown started, we took over the entire office. We used the space to store stock, stock up on spare packing supplies and set up additional packing stations. We knew this wasn’t going to be big enough, or suitable long term, so everything had to scale up, again, including team members. We recently moved into a proper warehouse where we are now a team of 8 -  shipping 103% more orders than we were previously doing! 

What's your favourite blend and why? 
The go to is everyday brew. If my day needs a little something else it’ll be between some of our limited editions like toffee apple, milk oolong, breakfast pancakes or hot cross bun!

Obligatory fun fact about yourself! 
In my spare time I like working on my art & photography. (editor's note: you'll find some of Soph's doodles across the teapigs website & social!)

Next up, we've got Reggie & Kadeem - the packing deputy warehouse manager & team leader respectively. They help keep the day-to-day running smoothly, making sure your tea gets to you promptly & packed perfectly.

When did you join teapigs?
Reggie: March 2006 -  back when teapigs was just Nick, Louise, Sofia, Nicole and me (plus a whole lot of tea). Not forgetting Harvey, the original teapigs dog, too!
Kadeem: I joined a bit later, when the warehouse team really started to grow - October 2019.

What were you doing before you started here?
Reggie: I was a sales agent.
Kadeem: I was Team Leader for a large shower manufacture in the spares department.

What does your typical day look like? 
Reggie: Packing all kinds of orders from online, to trade and export, to managing incoming and outgoing deliveries... all sorts!
Kadeem: There's always something to keep you on your toes...

Your favourite blend? 
Reggie: My favourite is rooibos crème caramel - it's sweet, earthy, and reminds me of Autumn.
Chai, because it's very versatile - it can be had in many different ways and has very good flavour.

Obligatory fun fact!
I love lots of things - music, food, my grand babies, and gardening (I used to grow all sorts of veg at teapigs HQ for the team to enjoy at lunch!)
Kadeem: I'm very adventurous and mechanical - I like to get my hands stuck into things.

And finally, the warehouse operatives! Denzyl, Ivan, Claudio, Dany and Harry.  

When did you join teapigs?
Ivan: September 2019
Denzyl: August 2020
Claudio: October 2021
Dany & Harry: The newest starters - November 2021! 

What were you doing before you started here?
I was a chef at several restaurants
I worked at the Natural History Museum in London! 
I was a machine operator at a pharmaceutical company 
I was an associate buyer at a health store
Harry: Playing drums and drinking tea! 

What's your typical day look like?
Ivan, Denzyl & Harry:  We're the packers! We work alongside Reggie & Kadeem, putting together your orders and shipping them out. 
Ivan: And enjoy the river beside the warehouse on my lunch breaks, too!

Claudio & Dany: 
We're the pickers. That means means whizzing around the warehouse with a trolley to collect everything the packers will need to fulfil orders, for maximum efficiency. We'll also process incoming deliveries, and if things get really busy, we'll help pack up orders too. 

Your favourite blend? 
Ivan: Chai or honeybush & rooibos.
Claudio: Chamomile - I love the smell & it keeps me calm too. 
Chai - I find this tea deliciously satisfying. 
My classics are tung ting oolong or green tea with mint - but I like to have an apple & cinnamon after a meal too!
Harry: everyday brew - classic!

And finally, quick fire fun facts!
Ivan: I used to be a professional musician.
Claudio: I'm a surface pattern designer in my spare time.
Denzyl: I'm a Tottenham fan.
Dany: I love dancing and martial arts - I do Zumba 2.5 hours a week!
Harry: I'm an Arsenal & Boston Bruins Hockey fan.

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