New year, time to meet some new teapigs! We're welcoming Elise & Luke to our grocery team - hurrah!

introduce yourself! who are you, and what will you be doing at teapigs?

elise: Hello! I’m Elise and I’ve a recently joined the fantastic grocery team as account manager across speciality grocers & wholesale

luke: Hi, I’m Luke! I’ve recently joined the Grocery team. My day to day is comprised of getting teapigs in as many grocers/shops as possible.

what were you up to before you joined teapigs, and what made you apply for your role?

elise: Before starting at teapigs, I worked for a sustainable period care start up driving business development and account management across various channels. After finishing there I was keen to stay working for a brand I absolutely loved with great sustainable & ethical value, being an absolute tea fanatic teapigs was the perfect opportunity.

luke: I’ve been on the books at teapigs for just over a year now - previously having worked in the warehouse in between summer seasons, where I’m a Production Manager for the UK’s largest boutique pop-up hotel that operate across the UK’s festival and events scene!

how have you found joining teapigs – especially during a pandemic!

elise: Starting with teapigs has been great, fortunately I was able to go into the office to get set up and meet my direct team! Everyone is always making an effort to chat with each other both remotely and in the office which creates a lovely working environment. I just can’t believe we’re still in this pandemic!

luke: Working from home is a bit strange but aside from that it’s been a smooth transition, this company and everyone that works for it are brilliant and so welcoming!

what are you most looking forward to about working at teapigs?

elise: I’m looking forward to forming valuable relationships with my accounts and colleagues. Getting out and about (covid permitting), implementing business plans to drive the teapigs message across our accounts and encourage new customers!

luke: Over time I can’t wait to recognise my impact in getting teapigs products on the shelves in grocers that I shop in. I guess in general, seeing our products in businesses and knowing that I played a role in getting them there!

what’s your favourite teapigs blend?

elise: I really am an everyday brew kind of gal but since starting at teapigs I’ve became a big fan of our silver tips white tea.

luke: Mao feng is vital to my existence now! Having been a huge coffee drinker previously this green tea has completely changed that! Jasmine pearls is a close second, they make me feel healthy.

finally, give us a random fact about yourself...

elise: am a fully qualified RNLI beach lifeguard (unfortunately not too many beaches in London)

luke: I'm the tallest member of my direct family chain ever! For some reason I just didn't stop growing...

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