...is it safe to come out yet? Is 2020 really gone? PHEW - finally! Is it just us or does it feel like March was last week but also about 30 years ago?! Hello, 2021 - we're pleased to see you. Please be gentle!
Usually, we're all excited for the new year. Is there any nicer feeling than getting your hands on a fresh diary or notebook, ready to fill up with your goals and plans for the year?! Well, if 2020 taught us one thing (other than you definitely were not washing your hands for long enough!) it's to be a little kinder to ourselves, especially when it comes to goal setting. We asked team teapigs what they've learnt from 2020, and how that's changing the way they're planning their resolutions. 

"less phone time, be more present."

This one's a toughy for most of us - especially when it's been all too easy to feel isolated when jumping in and out of lockdowns and tiers and whatnot! Doomscrolling is far too easy - you pop on to social to check in with your friends, and all of a sudden it's an hour later and you're reading complex medical stats and charts that you have no hopes of understanding but can't seem to look away from.
Time to take back control! Pump the breaks, and stick the kettle on instead. There are plenty of apps you can use to help limit the amount of time you're able to access social media, or certain websites - freeing you up to use that time to actually talk to the people around you. We've been big fans of the virtual tea break - it helps us keep connected with those we can't be near, as well as keeping us away from the dreaded dark holes of the internet.

"keep my plants alive!"

Honestly, you'd think teapigs HQ had been transported to a tropical rainforest based off of our collective Zoom backgrounds. Whether it's tending to your little green babies, or a sourdough starter, or a new four-legged friend, it seems lots of us have tapped into our nurturing side in the last year. 
In the work-from-home world, it's all too easy to fall into a rut - that's why these little dependents can help keep us chugging forward, even when the days seem to blur into each other. And don't forget, you're in need of some TLC too! Why not make it a part of your daily routine? Your 2021 mantra: water your plants, water yourself. Chances are, you're thirsty and haven't even noticed! We recommend having a bottle of cold brew on the go - helps to up your water levels without even trying. 

"make more time for reading"

This one's a classic on the resolutions list, but a good'un nonetheless. The teapigs book club has taken various shapes and forms over the last few years, but without the daily commute to give lots of us dedicated reading time, the wonderful world of literature has slipped a little further out of our hands. While it's tempting to set your self an impressive sounding goal like 52 books in 52 weeks, don't forget to cut yourself some slack - focus on carving out a little time in your day instead for some travels in your mind, even if you can't get outside. Whatever number you achieve by the end of the year is a happy bonus! Just the act of reading helps reduce stress, lower your heartrate, and ease tension - pair it with a good brew, and you're golden. We've even got a helpful guide to peruse while your kettle brews!

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