Matcha is a true super hero amongst teas... it's made from 100% green tea leaves from Japan and one cup is equivalent to drinking 10 cups of regular green tea for its nutrient value - impressive stuff, right?!

As well as our fab matcha tins, we also have handy matcha sachets which contain a full 1g serving  - perfect for popping in your handbag, in your desk drawer or stashing with your sports kit for a quick matcha fix post gym.

The possibilities are endless with matcha, however in a bid to make things slightly less daunting, we’ve managed to narrow it down to 7 (ish) super simple, yet delicious ways you can incorporate matcha into your daily routine – banishing the 4pm slump forever!

  1.  Add to a water/fruit juice bottle, shake and go – simple. If you’re particularly short on time, you can shake whilst running for the bus!
  2. Sprinkle on your porridge in the morning and stir – works equally well on yoghurt too
  3. Have a matcha chaser alongside your regular morning brew
  4. Switch your afternoon coffee to a matcha latte – our current obsession. Read our full recipe here
  5. Add 1g to your protein shake, post gym
  6. Overnight matcha oats for a perfect morning pick me up
  7. Whip up a batch of iced matcha mocktails - lots of fresh mint, matcha, lemonade and ice – yum! Here's some inspiration... you can add a splash of gin for a boozy alternative!

And one for luck…

       8. If you’ve got a bit more time in the mornings, we’ve got 2 words for you – matcha pancakes. 


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