It started with a bit of a discussion amongst us at teapigs HQ – what is the main reason why we all love tea so much? Answers varied from – it keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer, its comforting and cosy and (in the case of matcha) keeps us full of beans and zooming round the office for HOURS.

But, we really wanted to know what you guys think – and we got some great responses when we asked you all on twitter, facebook and via our newsletter

Here’s our top ten picks from the answers we got – but feel free to add yours to the comments below!

"I love tea because I literally take a sip and automatically go 'hmmm teaaa' Everyone that knows me, knows as soon as I get in, the kettle goes on. Nothing makes me feel better than a cup of tea and my slippers"

"Because rain or shine, good news or bad a cup of tea always hits the spot, putting the kettle on for that wonderful brew is the thing that keeps me going. Nothing makes water taste better than good old tea leaves"

"Tea is like a trusted friend - there to pick you up when you're down, something your reach for in moments of happiness or crisis. I've had tea during the most dramatic moments of my life; the first thing i had after my two babies were born was a lovely cup of tea, and when loved ones have passed away a strong cup of tea has been handed to me. In quieter moments too, tea has been my friend, after a long sleepless night to pick me up or calm my nerves before a job interview. It's always there, always reliable."

"it unites people globally (the act of taking tea), is like a big fat hug, everyone drinks it whatever the occasion and it's good for you."

"It calms and soothes the mind and body (hello clear skin)!"

"It's like being hugged from the inside."

"When I'm feeling down, a big mug of my favourite teapigs tea always is the answer to help me feel better as soon as I put the kettle on. It works each time, bad time or good time, it brings sunshine and happiness in my soul!"

"It is about the only thing that can make a bad day better"

"Because, on a cold day, it warms you up from the inside"

"There's a tea for every mood- for the morning, there's every day brew; when I'm ill, there's lemon and ginger; peppermint when I need a pick up; chamomile when I need to wind down; chocolate flake when I need a treat and (my favourite) yerba mate when I need to wake up a bit but don't fancy caffeine.