green tea

With its mellow caffeine buzz and its antioxidant properties, a daily (or thrice-daily) dose of green tea will have you feeling and looking radiant. Our green tea is the proper stuff – whole-leaf – so it’s packed with bold taste as well as those wonderful ingredients. We’ve got the straight-up classic variety as well as a few experimental takes (perfect for those who like to try something a bit out-there) – have a look at our full selection! If you’re a green-tea newbie, take a look at our green tea guide.

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  1. organic dragon well green tea


  2. cleanse with coconut

    £1.75 to £10.00

  3. mao feng green tea

    £1.75 to £11.45

  4. green tea with mint

    £1.75 to £9.95

  5. jasmine pearls tea

    £1.75 to £16.50

  6. popcorn tea

    £1.75 to £12.12

  7. matcha chai latte

    £1.25 to £35.00

  8. matcha cocoa latte

    £1.25 to £35.00

  9. matcha turmeric latte

    £1.25 to £35.00

  10. matcha mint latte

    £1.25 to £7.95

  11. premium matcha green tea

    £1.25 to £35.00