matcha chai latte

premium, organic sachets

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We've blended our premium matcha with all natural chai spices to give an indulgent spicy matcha drink with no sugar or milk powder - yum yum! 

Louise the tea taster says

how does it taste?

Spice, cinnamon and matcha.

good if you're feeling

Ready to dance - bollywood style!

How we like it

As a latte ( with brown rice or almond milk). 

Brew Time

make a hot matcha latte:

  • add matcha chai sachet into a glass
  • add a little hot milk (great with either dairy or non-dairy milks - your choice!) and give it a whisk
  • top up with hot frothy milk
  • Water just off the boil - 80 degrees
    Water just off the boil - 80 degrees
  • 7*
    7 calories per cup
  • what's in it?

    50% organically grown matcha from Japan,  25% organic ginger,  24% organic cinnamon, 1% organic black pepper

    *if drunk with milk calories per cup will be higher. 200ml of skimmed milk + matcha = 78 calories

  • nutritional content per 100ml

    • 7* kcal
    • trace sugar
    • 0 fat
    • trace carbohydrate
  • Allergens

    dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in a factory that handles nuts.


* * * * * (7)

Matcha Chai

* * * * * by Jade • 16th November 2017

“Perfect latte for winter time. The smell of cinnamon is lovely and you can taste the spices which make you feel warmer. Such a yummy drink :)

*Received free sample*”

New favourite

* * * * * by Peta Roe • 17th November 2017

“I usually drink matcha cold with fizzy water or lemonade. I have tried all the new matcha latte's and they are definitely better hot. The chai is my favourite. If you don't like milk it's just as nice without.

*Received free sample*”

Yummy Matcha Chai

* * * * * by Nix • 18th November 2017

“Perfect for those winter days and nights. I made this for myself and my bf (who isn't really into matcha) and he loved it :) I was already sold as matcha and chai are two of my fave things.

*Received free sample*”

Great flavour

* * * * * by Jan Mitchell • 23rd November 2017

“Really great flavour and the spice gives you a lovely warm glow! Perfect for Winter”

The best of the best

* * * * * by Sian • 7th May 2018

“This is delicious. Naturally sweet and warming. Makes for a yummy chai matcha latte with coconut or almond milk for an all round healthy drink.”


* * * * - by Jane Downing • 20th November 2017

“Definately spices up my normal matcha, the taste of cinnamon is quite pronounced

*Received free sample*”

pretty good!

* * * * - by Sailormoon • 23rd November 2017

“I made these up with Rude Health almond milk drink as it adds some sweetness and isn't too rich.
They taste really nice, but for me are a little weak for a full mug...especially the chocolate one. A small (flat-white sized) cup is perfect though... and you can froth milk with your coffee maker for a professional matcha latte!
Like all the flavours other than spearmint... just not my thing.”

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