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Keeping an eye on your water intake is not just for summer, it's for life! Our cold brews are here to elevate your water game, and with no added sugars or artificial flavours, they're a total no brainer. We’ve got six refreshing flavours, or pick up a starter kit complete with water tracking bottle!

cucumber & apple

Cooling & refreshing, crisp & light. Feels like a gin & tonic for when gin isn't allowed 

(or even when gin is allowed...)

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lychee & rose

Fruity & floral, an exotic pairing - think a tropical Turkish delight without the sickly sweetness

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peach & mango

Bursting with flavour - naturally sweet and peachy perfect, a refreshing pairing of peach and mango

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watermelon & hibiscus

Cooling watermelon meets tart hibiscus - picture yourself sunbathing on the Mediterranean. Lush. 

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pink grapefruit

A sweet, zingy citrus - kick start your morning with this ray of sunshine.

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blackcurrant & rapsberry

For the big kids - rich, fruity, packed full of fun. All we're missing is a bouncy castle and an ice lolly...

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