how does it taste?

We like to think of kombucha as a grown-up soft drink, thanks to its unique taste. It’s fizzy, tangy, and has a distinctive acidic taste that really needs to be tried to be fully understood!

Each of our kombuchas have the same green and black tea base. For our fruity kombuchas, we’ve opted to use herbal teas rather than artificial sweeteners or any nasties – keeping them all natural. Drink chilled. Always!

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original kombucha

For those of you who take your kombucha seriously this is the purest of the pure. Our carefully balanced green and black tea base comes through, with a slightly acidic fizz.   

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ginger & lemongrass

A classic combo. First comes the tea, then a light citrus taste from the lemongrass, quickly followed by a big ginger kick – might sounds obvious but drink it and you will know what we mean. It’s a winner.  

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peach & mango

Think of this as a half-way house between a peach iced tea and kombucha; the classic kombucha taste is there (tangy) but softened by our fruity combination of peach and mango. If you are a first-timer, this is a great place to start.

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