Entering competitions, of any type really, are a bit of a leap of faith. You’re counting on the judges or the rules being such that you have a fighting chance. When it comes to tea competitions, you’re counting on the judges being like-minded or having similar tastes. What if they like their English Breakfast especially weak? Or what if they just hate hibiscus?

 But competitions are also a real and true test of your product…if the judges don’t like it, there has to be SOMETHING to that, right?

 So when we entered some of our teas into the World Tea Championships last month, we thought, if nothing else, we’ll learn a bit about our place in the world of tea. At least, according to someone!

 When word came down that we’d won, not one category, but two, along with a second place finish, we were absolutely THRILLED! Our Chamomile won BEST HERBAL, our Mao Feng Green Tea won BEST PAN FIRED GREEN TEA and our Lemon and Ginger won BEST BLENDED HERBAL.

 So here’s to throwing caution to the wind and taking a chance…you never know, you might just bring home the prize.