Next up is a big step on the teapigs Real Tea Tour – we’re going to be competing at the Lowland games! The Olympics may be kicking off in London tomorrow, but we’ll be attending the equally challenging Lowland Games in Thorney, Somerset, where our very own matcha-man will be entering in the hotly-contested wife-carrying competition.  Great pride is at stake, so the teapigs super-power tea is already in training to ensure he’s the first over the line with his wife (or work colleague, Amie)

Throughout the day, everyone competing at the games will be able to get a super-power shot of matcha to boost their energy levels (a completely legal and healthy aid!) and help them gain the focus they need to win!  Spectators will be enjoying plenty of food and drink alongside the activities so teapigs are hoping for a great day out (and a gold medal for the matcha man). 

If you're in the area come down and visit Rhys & Rhys in the van for a matcha energy boost...