Tea or not tea?

Tea! Our Jasmine pearls are a green tea from the Camellia sinensis plant making it a fully-fledged member of the tea family.

Where is it grown?

The green tea itself is grown in the Fujian province in China – and rested on jasmine flowers from the Guangxi province to absorb the delicate aroma of the petals.

What makes it special?

Each pearl (known as dragon pearls) is rolled BY HAND…seriously. By hand. Each one of them…by hand. *mind blown*

What makes it EVEN MORE special!?

If the fact that each pearl is rolled by hand doesn’t make it special enough…then there’s really no pleasing you. But the fact our green tea leaves rest on a bed of jasmine flowers and are permeated with the jasmine flavour rather than using any nasty additives or flavourings is also pretty darn special.   

How does it taste?

Light, delicate and floral with the perfect amount of Jasmine – pretty much everything you could ever want from a green tea and a firm favourite a teapigs HQ.