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8 podcasts to listen to when you're feeling stressed

Posted by Natasha on 9th April 2019

8 podcasts to listen to when you're feeling stressed

Today we're talking about stress - or perhaps more specifically, ways to deal with stress in our often hectic schedules. April is Stress Awareness Month and while it’s totally normal to feel a bit under pressure sometimes, it’s important to spot when it feels as though it’s all getting a bit too much, and take some time out to get your head back in the game. Podcasts are a brilliant way to do just that, whenever or wherever you may be: on your daily commute, in the bath, before work, whilst doing the ironing or washing the dog… you get the gist. 

Now, we love a true crime podcast as much as the next person, but sometimes they leave us in a cold sweat and keep us up at night (yes Dirty John, we’re talking about you). That’s why we’ve been mixing it up recently with podcasts that not only entertain and help us unwind but also help normalise talking about mental health, life, stress, romance - the lot! 

Here are a few of our top recommendations (tried and tested by team teapigs) which we think you might love as well. If your favourite isn’t on the list, be sure to let us know as we’re always on the hunt for new additions to our ever growing podcast playlist. 

wobble with jules von hep and sarah powell

The amazing Jules & Sarah talk openly about how it’s A-Ok to have a wobble – whether it’s the result of a manic week at work, your ever growing floordrobe situation or simply that your cat has started looking at you funny; we all wobble every now and again, so let’s talk about it! This feel-good podcast discusses body confidence, mental health and happiness - the perfect podcast for anyone looking for reassurance that we’re all in the same boat when it comes to having a wobble. 

happy place by fearne cotton

If you’ve not listened to happy place yet, then we strongly suggested giving it a try! Fearne chats to a whole host of incredible people about life, love, loss and everything in-between. Guests range from the likes of Russell Brand and Stephen Fry to Dawn French and Coppafeel co-founder, Kris Hallenga. We enjoy listening to this one snuggled up in bed, with a giant cup of snooze!

the since sliced bread podcast

An honest and open chat about current diet culture and how dangerous it can be. Self-confessed pastry lovers, Alice and Cait discuss their own struggles with disordered eating and recovery, with the aim of boycotting the diet industry and encouraging intuitive eating. This one’s perfect with a big ol’ mug of our tasty rooibos crème caramel (and a generous serving of your favourite pudding).

the adam buxton podcast

Although something of a giant in the podcast world, we felt like we couldn’t miss out Adam Buxton’s wonderful podcast. It’s light-hearted, full of amazing jingles and the perfect way to spend an hour before bed – his open chats with friend, Louis Theroux are some of our favourites, but with an archive dating back to 2015, you’re bound to find one that catches your eye.

bryony gordon’s mad world

On the off chance that there’s anyone out there not already totally enamoured with Bryony Gordon, then we’ve included this recommendation just for you. Mad World is a ten episode podcast brought to you by The Telegraph to get people talking more openly about mental health. In each episode, Bryony chats to a special guest about how their mental health has been affected by their personal experiences. It’s a great way to be reassured that if you’re dealing with a mental health issue, you’re not on alone.

death, sex and money

Attention grabbing name, right? This is a fab, hearty podcast, all about extraordinary life experiences and fascinating people. Host, Anna Sale, tackles taboos and explores the big questions that are often left out of everyday chit chat.

table manners with jessie ware

Singer-songwriter, Jessie, plays host to a podcast all things food and family, straight from her very own dinner table and alongside her chef extraordinaire mother. Be prepared for laughter and (a lot) of oversharing!

when life gives you melons

Hosted by Maya Jama, this six part series covers work, life, relationships and confidence. A couple of our favourites include ‘The Quarter Life Crisis and ‘The Friendship Breakup’.

So that’s our current top 8 podcasts – don’t even get us started on wellness apps! Our go-tos at the moment include Smiling Mind, Calm and Headspace.

What are your favourite podcasts, or apps, to help you chill out? We’d love to know! Tweet us @teapigs.

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