Who said pigs can’t fly? Not us, that's for sure!

Having tried our fair share of disappointing cuppas while on flights (we're definitely that person who just brings their own nowadays), we’re excited to say that teapigs is now available in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class and Clubhouse Lounges, with Mao Feng green tealemon & gingerpeppermint, and snooze being added to their menu. It has come at a perfect time too, with (hopefully) some more travel back on the cards this year!

green skies ahead!

Just like all our partners, Virgin have been working hard on their green goals:

Net Zero | Working to be net zero by 2050 by improving fleet efficiency and increasing the research into & use of sustainable aviation fuels & technologies.

Reduce, reuse, recycle | Down with single use plastics and wasteful packaging! Up with reusability in place of disposable products.

Sustainably supply chain | Working with more sustainability minded partners have clear green goals too – from fuel suppliers, tech supplies, and meal suppliers, right down to the humble cup of tea

that’s where we come in...

Our tea is a great move, if we do say so ourselves! Sustainability is a big part of who we are - you lot know the drill by now:

✔ We're a proud B Corp working on building better businesses & encouraging others to do the same

✔ We were the first tea company to be certified plastic free, thank you very much.

✔ We only ever use whole leaf tea, berries and spices – meaning maximum deliciousness, even at high elevations!

taking to the skies?

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your brew with those heavenly views. Be sure to tag us in your tea snaps if you’re lucky enough to be travelling Upper Class with Virgin Atlantic – make the whole teapigs office jealous!

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