When teapigs was launched nearly 7 years ago we wanted to be able to put back something into tea growing communities and make an obvious tangible difference. We chose Noel orphanage as it is adjacent to a tea estate from where we source much of our tea.

Our contacts at the estate work closely with the orphanage and ensure that 100% of our contributions are spent on what is needed to support the children. We receive regular feedback on what our money is spent on (usually food, medical supplies, toiletries, education and sometimes building work to improve the infrastructure)

Since we have started making contributions from packs of everyday brew our annual support to Noel has risen to over £25000 which makes a significant difference to an orphanage such as Noel, and we can see directly how this helps. 5p from each pack of every day brew 15’s and 15p from each 50’s size pack are donated direct to Noel. As our contributions grow we may look to extend our support in this area to assist in the education of the local community.

teapigs Amie and Hannah have been training hard for their London to Paris bike ride which is taking place in June. So far they have raised over £1,500 which will make a huge difference to the children and young people living at Noel.

Click here to find out more about our work with the Noel Orphanage.