October brings nice crunchy leaves, the ability to wear super cosy scarves in the office, TWO teapigs birthdays, Halloween and a brand new tea of the month – the fabulous yerba mate!

This detoxing tea hails from South America where it is sipped all day from a special container (called a gourd) through a metal straw (known as a bombilla) Here at teapigs hq we are happy with a regular mug and it tastes just as good! If teapigs Nick and Reggie had to pick their favourite cuppa they’d probably go for yerba :)

This brew is loved especially amongst sporty people as it can help with energy levels and giving a boost to a detox plan. Here’s what some real teapigs customers have been saying about this smoky little number:

“I find this tea gives a nice pep first thing in the morning. and a great pick-me-up for the long hours at work.”

“This tea is delicious I love the smoky flavour. So much better tasting than green tea!”

“oh my lordy lord, i was just out in my garden and feeling really rather tired (being an avid weeder has this affect) when i thought I’d make a nice cup of tea. I was looking forward to trying yerba mate as there had been a number of conflicting and mixed reviews amongst many of my tea drinking friends. I was pleasantly surprised and found the smoky flavour very exotic and rustic. I also got a big burst of energy and commenced to being Mrs Greenfinger with new zeal and mammoth relish. I shall be recommending yerba mate to everybody.”

“I am now a full time yerba mate drinker! In fact i have given up my 1000 cups of tea a day and now drink this and love it. It feels cleansing and energizing - i love it”

“It was when I started tango lessons last year, I was introduced to the Yerba Mate Tea. At the Milongas, it was fascinating to see the Argentine teachers gather to suck this drink through a metal straw, out of a specially designed bowl... it seemed almost ritualistic, and definitely good fun. When I was invited to try it, I soon fell for the refreshing and energising effect, and set out to get some for myself.. For me - it was the first thing I had ever tried, which could replace coffee, which gives me the gitters if I have too much it.. Since then - I have tried a few different versions of the tea, but have to say, the teapigs Mate' suits me to perfection! I brew it just like green tea (don't tell the argis) as I don’t have the proper 'mate' kit' ...Anyway ~ hurry up the post.....”

“I'm really liking this tea, I have it with a little honey and the taste is lovely, may be i just liked weird tasting tea and it does make you alert. I’m going to order more now.”

“i have a brew of this magic potion before my martial arts class for long lasting energy”

Good stuff. Are you a yerba fan? Leave a review to shout your love for it from the rooftops! Fancy giving yerba a go? Then head on over here to order (we’ve added a cheeky 10% off discount to yerba for the whole month of the October. Discount shown in the basket)