Each month, we run a competition with our wonderful stockists, to find our stockist of the month! This month, their challenge was to raise money for Point Foundation – an awesome charity whom we donate a percentage of all our everyday brew sales in order to support tea growing communities in Rwanda.  Our winner was Sweet Bella Gifts, a fab account who offer unique gift boxes filled with awesome products. Find out a bit more about them below: 

How long have you been a teapigs stockist and what made you choose our tea?

teapigs was one of the very first products that made it into our gift boxes. Sweet Bella Gifts have been stocking teapigs since the very beginning of our journey back in September 2016. We wanted to choose a brand that we know everybody loves and after trialing a few tea brands, we decided teapigs was the definite winner!


If you could only have one teapigs tea for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

I'd personally choose everyday brew... you can't beat a proper British cuppa!


How do you use teapigs matcha?

We currently don't stock matcha tea but we wouldn't rule it out for the future!


What made you want to set up shop?

I set up Sweet Bella Gifts because I wanted to provide a service to help put a smile on loved ones faces by supplying bespoke gift boxes to be sent in the post! There is nothing better than receiving a surprise gift!


Have there been any hiccups along the way?

Of course, every small business has little hiccups here and there but what matters is you get through them and it makes you stronger! 

We only include the very best products in out gift boxes. Sometimes finding those perfect products can be difficult but we always get there in the end!


Have you ever had any exciting celeb customers?

Unfortunately we haven't had any celeb customers yet (that we know of!).


Apart from tea (obviously!) what is your best seller?

Customers love our gift boxes that include chocolate... I mean who doesn't love chocolate? Yum! 


What’s the craziest customer request you’ve ever had?

We haven't had any crazy customer requests yet. However I am sure we will come across one soon, and I can't wait to help accommodate their request! 


Do you sell or serve teapigs teas and fancy being our next stockist of the month? Pop charlotte.l@teapigs.co.uk an email to find out more