Matcha can be a really great addition to anyone’s daily routine but has proved especially popular with sports and fitness fans! Matcha contains two amino acids which when combined with the caffeine found naturally in green tea gives an energy boost for up to six hours. Handy if you’re going for a long run or hitting those weights!

 Lots of us here at teapigs hq are training for a big event or just enjoying keeping fit week on week and we certainly feel better after a matcha boost. Don’t just take our word for it – we asked workout lovers and exercise enthusiasts for their experiences of taking matcha and here’s what they said:

 “I’ve been having Matcha shots every morning for about 3 weeks now. I wash it down with my usual Berocca and am feeling so healthy and energetic. Everyone around me seems to have got ill recently with the cold weather and I’ve managed to avoid it despite doing a half marathon in freezing temperatures a couple of weeks ago! Will be continuing with the Matcha and highly recommend it.”

 “After watching various videos and trying different ways to enjoy matcha - I found that I enjoyed the shots most. I get up at around 7am , get ready for the gym and then have my matcha shot which i mix with apple juice and blend with the electric whisk. I would say within 10 minutes I feel a 'lift'. Once in the gym I tend to have more stamina whilst doing cardio and weights. Some days I mix it up a little and have Matcha when i get home after the gym once my energy levels start to level out and it gives me another natural 'lift' and it honestly makes me feel great.”

 “Matcha doesn't produce a high or buzz like most energy drinks/products but I do notice that I don't feel a dip in my reserves as I used to prior to trying Matcha. I work out quite extensively, a mixture of cardio & heavy weights daily and this helps to keep my levels fairly constant through the day - Thanks teapigs!”

 “I'm a professional dancer and since I started taking matcha I've felt like I have a more sustained energy throughout my whole working day.”

 “I am using matcha as part of my running regime and I am losing weight more quickly. Also I seem to be able to run faster and for longer.”

 “I do a considerable amount of exercise and have noticed my stamina improve - my energy levels were already very high before taking this but found it increased my energy anyway”

 “I've started to play squash so I'm not sure if the exercise or the matcha is making me feel trimmer, but I certainly don't think I'd have the energy to play squash without the matcha!”

 “It’s amazing with apple juice just before a long run! Defs keeps you going for longer!”


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