Hi, I’m Emma and I have joined the teapigs team as the new Export Assistant!

Here are a few facts about me…

  • I grew up in the Worcestershire countryside and I always say ‘where the sauce comes from’ when people have no idea where it is
  • I lived in Canada for 3 years during high school where it went down to -50 in the winter and there was so much snow you literally had get the shovel out just to get out of the front door.
  • I love love love teapigs peppermint tea..and also rooibos crème caramel
  • I went to fashion school in London which was right on Oxford Street - this did not help my shopping addiction one bit
  • My favourite movies of all time are Grease and Dirty Dancing and I have watched both more times than I can count
  • I was a Cheerleader at Uni (team pic above) and at my first competition during our routine I ran on first and tripped over the mat in front of everyone…and to make it worse it was all filmed so I can never live it down
  • I have a fear of snakes and cats
  • I would love to live in L.A one day, mainly because I am obsessed with The Hills and 90210.
  • I hate running, however my goal this year is to run a half marathon as I’m determined to try and like it.
  • Tom Hardy goes to my gym….this is now my motivation to go 5 days a week!