Don’t buy her Flowers is one of our newest trade accounts and we recently caught up with its founder Steph to learn bit more about her care package company that treats new mums.

“When I told my sister I was pregnant with my first baby, after the squealing and congratulations she said ‘Oooh, you’ll miss a hot cup of tea!’. I can remember thinking it was a weird thing to say – how can you possibly not find time to drink a hot cup of tea? Ha. Ha ha. Turns out it’s a universal truth among mothers. You boil the kettle, you make the tea, someone falls off something/starts to cry/wakes up and 20 minutes later you spot your lukewarm tea on the side with a film on the top.

The Don’t Buy Her Flowers Care Package has been designed to encourage mums to stop and have some time for themselves. On receiving a Care Package a mum should feel cared for – like someone knows what she needs and is thinking of her. Handmade chocolates and flapjack for the energy that may be a bit absent due to lack of sleep, a magazine for a bit of a frivolous escape, a beautiful scarf that will fit when some of her clothes may not, and teapigs tea to encourage that sit down (Each Care Package includes two Everyday Brew and two Green Tea with Mint tea temples.)  Maybe, just maybe, she can enjoy a hot cup of tea. It's been described by new mums as 'a package of joy', and a great solution for partners, friends or grandparents that feel a bit useless at times in those early months and want to give some TLC. If you're looking to spend a bit more, you can add COOK food vouchers so they can get meals delivered to their door - something all parents with a young baby will appreciate.

Mums aren’t always good at being kind to themselves or taking time out from the endless to-do list. Alas, there will always be stuff to do. By being kind to yourself, grabbing any chance to stop and sit for 10 minutes to enjoy a hot cup of tea (and maybe a 10 minute drooly nap), the world is a brighter place. This is also a universal truth.”

Don’t Buy her Flowers are offering a teapigs fan the chance to win one of their lovely care packages – a perfect gift for someone who could do with a little bit of time for themselves (or to keep for yourself if this describes you!) Keep an eye on the teapigs twitter account next week for your chance to win and be sure to follow Don’t buy her flowers on Twitter and Facebook, and Steph’s blog here.