Exciting times are afoot at teapigs HQ as we've recently gained 6 lovely new teapigs! To fully complete their initiation into the teapigs crew, all newcomers must divulge a few fun/mildly embarrassing  facts about themselves in a bid to help us get to know them that little bit better. So, without further ado, meet Suzi, Sophie and Lucy - the second half of our 6 teapigs to divulge all: 

Hi I’m Suzie another newbie teapig to the teapigs team….I’m an account manager within the ever expanding foodservice team, so I’ll be looking after some of our lovely hotels, restaurants and all that jazz!

Things you should know about me:

  •  I recently met Margot Robbie in the toilet at the Tarzan premiere and it’s not a lie she really is that beautiful and lovely - very proud moment of mine!
  • My favourite tea has to be peppermint, I could literally live off the stuff! Although recently I have really been getting into chocolate & mint.
  • I have a wall of clocks in my bedroom, not for improving my timekeeping, but just because I really love clocks….
  • I have to listen to the TV show Friends every night to get me off to sleep as I’m really neurotic and I can’t shut my brain off.
  • Christmas is the best thing in the world and I will start looking forward to it from September onwards regardless of what the cynics tell me!
  • Guilty pleasures include all the reality TV shows… (Cue the judgment), I have only recently got my life back since the final of Love Island.
  • I support Watford football club and I like to think I know what I’m talking about when it comes to football (I really don’t)!
  • My weakness is crisps - I have been known to eat 20 packets in one sitting before while revising for exams. This is why I shouldn’t buy multipacks!



Meet Sophie – newest member of our trade team. Who will be first point of contact for all our lovely cafés and delis.

  •  Whilst I was at University, I travelled to Malawi where I completed an extensive research project on the tea industry. It was here, when I realised just how much of a tea lover I was!
  • I would love to live in New York City in the future. Watching re-runs of Friends growing up has probably had an effect.
  • I dream of owning my own patisserie shop where I would sell the best brownies around.
  • I rolled up to my 3rd and final interview at teapigs with a broken foot, only 2 days after a big operation #dedication
  • Last year I worked at The Wimbledon Championships, in the Competitor’s Restaurant. One of the biggest challenges was to try and act normal when the likes of Drake and David Beckham strolled in!
  • Favourite tea has to be peppermint

And last, but by no means least, say hello to Lucy - completing the line-up for team foodservice!  

  • Here’s a fun fact not many people can match – I WAS BORN IN A CAR! It was a really classy car too – a muddy Metro called Splodge. Sadly Splodge is no longer - RIP
  • Whilst at university I spent a year studying in Santander working on my tan (not working in a bank). Santander is a great place in Northern Spain that not many people know about. It has beautiful beaches but most importantly they free pour their Gin and Tonics. I would recommend you all go there.  
  • I am absolutely always hungry and love cooking, but only if I will be eating the finished product. My speciality is a Massaman Curry – the spicier the better.
  • For my 21st I had a sweetie themed party. Everyone came dressed as sweets; there was a pic ‘n’ mix shop and giant candy sticks and sweetie trees and a sweetie mountain cake. 
  • I love skiing. I did a ski season in Meribel and while there, I won the award for ‘Slacker on the Slopes’. Apparently I spent more time in the après bar munching on tartiflette and drinking vin chaud. At least I skied to it.
  • I try and speak Spanish, Italian and French. Next on the list is German
  • I laugh at everything. So if anyone needs a confidence boost just come and chat to me, I’ll make you feel really funny.
  • Favourite tea – chai, oolong, and chocolate and mint