Hello there!

 I'm Juliana and I'll be packing all those lovely posters and jars to trade customers and I'll also be helping teapig Becky by making sure all online orders get nicely packed and sent asap!

 I'm really happy to work at teapigs because I feel at home around here, even though my original home is Sao Paulo, Brazil. Yes, I'm a big fan of football and no, I cannot dance samba (wish I could, though)!

 Anyway, my mum is a big fan of tea and her cupboard is filled with greens and herbals, and as she comes from traditional Japanese parents, tea was always around her so I'm pretty sure she's the one that helped me get addicted to tea! However, as a Brazilian, I have to admit that I do escape to coffee every now and then, but today I cannot start a day at teapigs without a cuppa! My favourites are yerba, liquorice and mint and matcha, but it changes every now and then.