You’ve already met three of our ace brand ambassadors, and it’s time we introduced the next three! Keep your eyes peeled for this lovely lot at events and samplings throughout the UK.


About me: I am from London, born and bred! I am currently studying BA Geography at King’s College London. I am about to go into the third year of my degree (scary times!) My passion lies in food. I hope to pursue a career in food marketing or sales after I graduate next year!

My favourite teapigs tea is: Oh to pick a favourite tea, now this is hard! I drink tea far too many cups in one day, ha. My favourite currently stands at green tea with mint. I absolutely love mint at the moment and this tea combines my love of green tea alongside it!

My hobbies include: When I’m not drinking tea, I’m taking picture of some of the places I had had the best cups of tea in! I’m massively into photography and just the beauty of capturing a memory in time!

Something you didn’t know about me: I could happily live off avocados. They are by far my favourite food! Well avocados and tea that is, of course!

Avocado Tea, teapigs?


About me: I'm Verity and I live in north-west London. I've just finished reading for a BA in Geography at the University of Birmingham. After finally finishing 17 years of education my next plan is to travel as much as I can!

My favourite teapigs tea is: Chamomile - the flowers in the tea bag are so pretty and I always have a good night’s sleep afterwards!

My hobbies include: Baking – I love discovering lots of new teapigs matcha recipes online! Matcha cupcakes are on my to-do list!

Something you didn’t know about me is: I play lacrosse (for those that don't know what it is it's the sport Regina George plays at the end of Mean Girls!)


About me: I'm originally from County Durham (somewhere up North) and have been living in London since I graduated. I trained as a graphic designer but I'm currently trying to bump up my karma and am working at the Alzheimer’s Society. Still haven't pinned down what I want to do in life. But so long as I get to travel, help people and eat and drink lots of tasty stuff along the way I'm happy.

My favourite teapigs tea is: Can't decide between Matcha or Chai. I just think Matcha is the most brilliant stuff and I try to have mine every day to keep my biscuit munching at bay. But I also love the Chai tea because it's just so yummy! I've been spoilt and now nothing compares.

My hobbies include: Running in the sunshine after I've drank my Matcha. 

Something you didn’t know about me: I was a Running Back for Britain's first all-girl American Football team. We even had pink mouth guards!