As a seasoned runner and now training for my second half marathon and second marathon (eeek!), I know all too well how super important it is to get the nutrition side of things right for energy and recovery and I certainly wouldn’t be without my little pot of super power green matcha by my side!

We all have our favourite way of drinking matcha but I more often than not keep it simple, especially when I’m training. Before any run, whether it’s a speedy 2 mile lap around where I live or a long ‘un on the Thames path, I always have my shot of matcha, usually with cold water for speediness – I just knock it back, lace up my trainers and off I go. Then, depending on the distance, a ½ teaspoon of matcha may well go in my water bottle to take with me as a run around. It turns the water green but is so refreshing and I feel like it really gives me a little lift (especially when you’ve got 16 miles ahead of you!) Matcha is natural – simply ground down green tea leaves that have been grown organically under shade. No need for scary chemical filled energy drinks when you’ve got your matcha to hand! One serving of matcha has the health benefits equivalent to drinking 15 cups of normal green tea (wow!!) as well as sustained energy for around 4-6 hours.

Usually the day after a long run I certainly need a little pick me up so a lazy Sunday start with a creamy matcha latte is just the ticket. It helps me forget my tired legs and gives me the energy to get off the sofa and walk off that sore muscle feeling! Matcha mixed with coconut water also makes a brilliant recovery drink straight after a workout – the matcha provides energy and vital nutrients and coconut water is amazing from replacing lost fluids and electrolytes.

If you are training hard for an autumn marathon, a summer 10k or just your very first 5k fun run why not give our matcha a go? Add it to your daily routine and see how you feel, we swear by it!