You know that feeling… sense of dread, raising panic? It can mean only one thing! Exam season! But the next time a big revision session is looming or you need an extra push for an important test, instead of reaching for a sugary chemical energy drink why not give matcha a go?

It’s 100% natural green tea that’s been ground down to a fine powder and it’s just the ticket for students out in Japan who need to cram for an exam or want a little extra energy boost when getting that assignment in on time. Now we know their secret and matcha is becoming better known in the UK, why not have a matcha shot on the morning of a busy day and see if it helps? It can raise energy levels for a mammoth 6 hours but without the unpleasant crash and burn that coffee or energy drinks can cause!

For a super speedy boost, give a matcha shot a go (hot or cold water, works just as well) or for a more leisurely browse over the text books, a matcha latte is a soothing treat. Head over to our youtube channel and we’ll show you how.