We hear time and time again how matcha helps people with their energy levels, and it’s probably the main reason we have it after lunch in the teapigs office! Matcha contains two special amino acids called theophylline and L-theanine. The caffeine in matcha works together with these two amino acids to give you a sustained energy boost which can last 6 hours – good stuff! We asked teapigs customers what they thought and the response was amazing – check it out:

 “When I don't have my matcha in the morning, I really feel like sleeping on my desk at work after lunch - whereas when I've had my matcha I don't feel the post-lunch slump at all! (I only noticed this after a few times that I hadn't drunk my matcha in the morning. :-)”

“I really don't know how I got through a day before I started using matcha!”

“Remarkable! I have been reluctant to stop my espressos altogether hence the afternoon shot of matcha. In the afternoons I have felt calm and no mid-afternoon slump on the days I have used Matcha. It truly is a wonder.”

“I ordered a pot from you in January and myself and my fiancé has a cup of Matcha tea every morning during the month of February and we found that: Increase productivity in the mornings - we found that our concentration levels had improved in the morning and neither of us had a 'slump' or started getting distracted around 11am in work. I'm following Slimming World plan and I usually have a fruit snack/box at 10.30am. After having a cup of Matcha in the morning (7am), I find it suppresses appetite in the morning and don't feel the need for a snack at 10.30am. We are both keen runners and go for 4-5km run on weekend mornings. We find our stamina is a bit better after having Matcha tea 30-60 mins before exercise. After finishing our first pot, we went without it for a week and found a difference in our concentration in work and stamina in the gym. So we had to buy more from our local supplier! Neither of us drink coffee as I don't like the caffeine kick and my fiancé doesn't like the taste. We are two big tea drinkers, builders brew style. Having Matcha first thing in the morning gives us the pick me up we need for a busy day. It hasn't affected our weight in any way, (it hasn't improved my weight loss in Slimming World). We will definitely have a cup of Matcha first thing on our wedding day to make sure we don't stutter our vows!”

 “Having spent the last 6 months in intense care with my new born, I haven't had much time or energy to think about myself. But with the new year, I am ready for a new me! I began to drink matcha in the morning, and within a couple of days I really started to feel the difference. I am not struggling to stay awake at 11am, and I still have energy to play with my boys in the afternoon. It is incredible! I am still curious to see what effect it'll have on my skin, hair and nails, as they are all starving for nutrition. I already feel that my skin has cleared  up a bit and looks more fresh, but give me another couple of months with this wonderful matcha, and I will show you a new me!”

 “I have noticed a definite reduction in body weight and composition, however it is the energy levels that have been the most noticeable effect”

 “I wanted to get in contact as Matcha has been a revelation for me! I have been drinking Matcha for a couple of weeks now and the change in my energy levels has been amazing. I drink my Matcha shot first thing in the morning and it keeps me going all day; previously I would have felt sluggish and tired around lunchtime before I ate, and then again in the afternoon. With Matcha I have not felt tired at all during the day. I work as a teacher and it is currently the end of term before the holidays, traditionally a time I feel exhausted. I can honestly say I haven’t been so productive in the final week of term! In addition, my skin looks brilliant and I am sleeping a lot better. I will defiantly keep drinking Matcha and I have even convinced a few friends to give it a go. Thanks for such a fabulous product”

“I have been an avid green tea drinker for years but I had not realised how greatly the higher potency would affect my energy and zest for life. It has been instantly noticeable.”

“I study every weekend early morning and I have noticed such a difference in my concentration, energy and ability to think clearly. I actually feel calmer and relaxed when writing my essays, which is a first!!”

“I really notice if I don't get my shot first thing in the morning!  If I start to feel tired during the day, I have another shot and feel completely re-energised.  It's fantastic stuff!!!”

“For my first drink I tried a “Matcha Latte".  It was scrummy and within about 30 minutes I was feeling the kick so to say; not heart racing/palpitating like if I have had Guarana, nope this was just a great energy buzz.  This was around 11am, it was great and lasted until around 5pm :-)”

“It has even helped me to stay energised around 4pm when I usually feel exhausted chasing three kids around after they come home from school.”

“I am a busy, full-time working single mom in her early 40s who is up at 6am.  This just seems to give me the energy I need to get me through work without wilting at 3pm and then home for mommy duties and chores before falling into bed at 10pm.  A slow release of mommy power all day :-) x”

“I always felt tired and decided to try matcha.  When I started drinking matcha with apple juice as a shot I thought I was going to feel like a superhero lol, that is a bit unrealistic for me but what I did notice is I felt human again, and not constantly tired the way normal people feel.  I didn't buy it the following month and started to feel tired again so I bought some more and plan to use it throughout the year along with more exercise, the new me :-) x”

 “I feel more perky around 3pm, unlike my usual sloth-like self. And when I say perky, I don't mean jittery like after too much coffee. Good perky!”

 “To say I feel more energised is an understatement! I feel better entirely overall, it helps me deal with my shoulder injury too which is quite crazy. It feels like I'm making some sort of amazing magical potion out of Harry Potter!”

 “We love Teapigs Matcha as it gives us a boost on a sluggish morning, giving us energy to get to the office and say No! to cake :)”

“I LOVE IT!  I am not able to drink coffee - even if only before noon - as I get the jitters and can't sleep. I needed something to give me a little lift for my after work gym visits (was feeling low and not all energetic). I mix Matcha in with my pre-work out shake - and there it is! I get a great work-out (energy without the jitters) plus get through the evening with housework and laundry, cooking, and getting kids into bed AND I sleep like a baby. Highly recommended. Thank you Tea Pigs. You are a company I trust - so I was willing to give it a go. So pleased I did!”

Phew, amazing stuff! Now, pass us the matcha