Hi fellow tea aficionados! I’m Anushka, content editor for www.MagicFreebiesUK.co.uk, the UK’s biggest freebie site. I’m your guest blogger for today, so you get to find out exactly how much tea means to me, and the rest of the team at MagicFreebiesUK HQ.

Firstly, you’ll need to know what we do here in our office - we find the UK freebie hunter 8 new freebies a day as well as finding great competitions and offers from all over the web. We also share our secret money-saving ideas and tips! As professional freebie hunters we’ve tried a lot of free tea samples in our time, which has led to a deeper fondness for tea.

Every day brew, herbal, detox or chai. We enjoy it all here and whether it’s a bleak Monday or a joyous Friday afternoon, mid-morning elevenses or post-lunch – there’s never a better time for a cup of char.

We celebrate with tea. Success? Tea break! We commiserate with tea. No more biscuits in the barrel? Tea break! The comforting taste of tea always hits the spot, even more so with cake. Lots and lots of cake.

At MF HQ we make at least six tea-runs every day and adhere to the golden rule that when someone makes a hot drink they must offer everyone else a brew too. After all, there's no ‘I’ in tea.

This rule has inevitably led to a few tears, tantrums and 'tea-gate' incidents so we've had to implement a tea-board to keep track of how many teas each team member has made. It may sound a bit slightly crazy, but it's good for publicly shaming the tea-making slackers!

Nick, our front-end web developer, has also created a nifty computer-generated tea spinner which randomly plucks someone to make the tea. Some non-conformists suspect the wheel may be rigged but at the end of the day – the tea spinner must be obeyed.

As our team has got bigger and our love of tea has grown, I’ve noticed little personali-tea (sorry…) traits in people and I now believe you can tell a lot about someone from tea. So, here’s a little tea-bio for each of our staff members. See what you make of them…

Tom is somewhat of a herbal tea connoisseur. Likes anything healthy and is known to bring in in his personal cafetiere to mix his own infusions. Occasionally lets loose with a standard tea.

Colleen mixes her drinks. Enjoys a classic breakfast tea but dabbles with green. Recently went on a self-imposed coffee ban after suffering from the jitters and now gets her caffeine kicks from copious cups of tea.

Nick is a heavyweight tea drinker. He holds the office record for most teas made in a month. Happily takes on the lion’s share of tea-making duties but is forced to spin the tea wheel when others get slack.

Mark enjoys a good brew and isn't shy of making the first round of the day - a quality we all appreciate on a Monday morning. Partial to the odd herbal infusion but always stays away from the sweet stuff.

Rachel is fond of a classic builder’s tea - strong with three sugars. Little does she know we secretly slip her two in an attempt to wean her off (sugar is a big inconvenience when you're making tea for the masses). Was upset when her ‘I love Eastenders’ mug went AWOL.

John doesn't drink or make tea. Possible victim of an early-childhood tea trauma.

As for me, well I'm in to all caffeine-based drinks and love applying for free tea samples. From green to detox tea - you name it, I've consumed it. I always make sure I try the latest infusions before I invest in a box. There’s nothing sadder than discarded tea.

If you also like sampling new teas and would like to keep updated with all the latest free stuff then pop the kettle on, trot over to www.MagicFreebiesUK.co.uk and have a wee look through all the free stuff.

Anushka x