I drank and ate lots and lots of matcha whilst in Japan, it is used as an ingredient in drinks and eats on every street corner.
Matcha is still used in the traditional tea ceremony but is also featured on every modern café menu as a latte.

Cream Tea 

It is used as an ingredient for lots and lots of sweet treats too - it adds a ‘umami’ flavour to regular biscuits and ice cream.


I returned from Japan with half a suitcase full of examples of some of these treats which I planned to share with some lucky matcha lovers. Unfortunately, apart from a few fast moving twitter followers who secured a matcha kit kat the rest of the treats have been enjoyed ( mostly) by the teapigs team.
By way of compensation – tell us the meaning of Umami on the comments below and we will pick one lucky winner to receive a pack of our teapigs organic matcha tea