Matcha matcha matcha, what is it all about?

teapigs organic matcha was first launched in Selfridges in 2009, whilst matcha has been around for centuries in Japan drunk as a ceremonial drink we are pretty sure we were the first people to bring it to the UK tea drinkers in a big way.

Genuine teapigs matcha is grown in Japan. The tea growers take great care of the tea bushes through the winter and just before the plucking season ( in May) they cover the bushes to shade out most of the sunlight. This puts the bushes into stress and they produce huge amounts of chlorophyll which is jam packed with amino acids ( the good stuff).

The finest leaves are then plucked by hand and steam dried – the leaves are separated from the stems and the remaining super quality dried leaves are called tencha. This tencha is then ground to a very fine powder using granite stones to make matcha.

To make sure that all the bright green juicey chlorophyll is retained the tencha grinding process is done in the dark and then it is sealed into our little tins. When you open teapigs matcha along with the puff of powder you will notice the powder is really bright green. Genuine japanese matcha is bright green rather than yellow / brown.

The tricky and slow production process means that teapigs matcha tastes delicious, not bitter. It is also packed full of good stuff, we have even won the best slimming and fitness product ( Your healthy living 2011). Read our reviews here to see what others are saying about teapigs matcha.