This year teapigs is turning a whopping 15 years old! So, on October 27th, we'll be celebrating the only way we know how - by giving away LOADS of free tea! Want to get involved? Here's how...

catch us in covent garden

If you're a Londoner like us, you'll be able to find members of team teapigs running around Covent Garden, where we'll be handing out loads of free samples!

We're a subtle lot, so you'll just have to try and recognise us from our teapigs jumpers, teapigs banners, teapigs sandwich boards... it'll be a real Where's Wally, except you win every time. 

find your nearest stockist

Every year lots of our stockists around the world get in on the fun too - there'll be balloons, free tea, and lots of smiling faces to celebrate with! Find your nearest participating stockist on our stockist finder here. Don't see your usual spot? Let your fave teapigs stockist know you'd like to see them take part next time - birthdays are an annual thing, after all!

win a birthday present!

Would it be a birthday without presents?! We've put together 15 super special birthday boxes for you guys to win - head over to the competition page to find out how! Entries close at midnight on Thursday 21st, so be quick!

treasure hunts

That's right, our favourite birthday game is back! We'll be hiding 15 presents across the teapigs website for you to find - and win prizes, of course! 

share the love!

We love seeing you all taking part, so don't forget to tag us @teapigs and use #teapigsfreeteaday! We'll be sharing your most creative set ups and celebrations!