The festive flow of the Christmas party left a couple of teapigs feeling slightly bleary eyed on Friday as we may have enjoyed a slightly different tipple to our usual favourite hot beverage! 

First up was a trip to beautiful Somerset House for some outdoor ice skating – it had varied levels of success, but a few bruises and knocks aside it was a lot of fun.

Just over the road, we headed to Canteen for some great British grub; all delicious and washed down with a nice peppermint tea (ok, that a bit of a porky pie – but they do serve our lovely peppermint tea if you are visiting!)

Throw in a few rounds of consequences (the stories we heard about chief packer Reggie would have made Harvey the dog cover his ears!) and all in all it was a great night out to celebrate another fantastic year for the teapigs team and their mission to get us all drinking real tea!