With the coronavirus pandemic resulting in more and more of us entering the world of working at home, it’s very easy to get lost in the transition. Here are our 10 top tips to keep you on track...

keep your routine

As tempting as a lie in can be, sticking to your usual bedtime hours can be a game changer. Use the time you would normally be commuting in to set yourself up for the day – why not go for a morning walk so you can “arrive” work ready? If every morning started with a lie in the weekends wouldn’t feel quite so magical, would they!

put on real people clothes

We know the appeal of staying in your jim jams, or changing into something cosy like leggings and eschewing the dreaded bra, but it’s important to put on your real people clothes. You know the ones I mean – the kind that you’d actually wear in the outside world. Getting ready physically helps your brain to get ready mentally, rather than just feeling like you’ve got on an extended break from your bed. Plus, you won’t get caught out on that surprise video conference call!

separate your work & home space

This one can be tricky depending on your home situation, but try to separate your “home” space from your “work” space as much as possible. If you’ve not got a desk, camp out at your dining room table and create a portable work zone that you can set up and break down at the beginning and end of each day. If you’re really strapped for space, a foldable lap-table can work in a pinch to morph your bed into a workable area – just make sure you’re not tucked under the duvet! Separating the two stops you from dragging your work into your personal life, and your personal time overlapping with your work time.

love that thing you to-do

You’re only as productive as the to-do list you make – whether it’s a beautiful bullet journal, a sticky note, or an excel sheet, plotting out the tasks you have to do at the beginning of the week and on a daily basis will help keep you on track. Don’t panic if everything doesn’t get done – make it the starting point for tomorrow’s list. Nothing quite matches the satisfaction of crossing something off that list – well, apart from the cup of tea you’ll reward yourself with…

keep in touch

A lot of us take for granted just how much we interact with our teams during a workday at the office. Working from home should be no different – it’s important to keep in touch! A call with your boss or team over the first brew of the day not only helps you set out your plans, but gives you a chance to feel more connected with them.

don’t get – ooh, I must share that gif…

The age of tech is both a blessing and a curse! We’d be lost without it, but it’s often far too easy to get lost within it too. Grab an app for your phone or your browser that limits the amount of time you can spend in those dreaded distraction zones – set social media blackout times, turn off text notifications, and you’ll enjoy the time you do get to spend on them so much more knowing that you’ve earned it and got your jobs done.

time away & tea breaks

Ah, the blessed tea break. A moment to decompress, prepare yourself for the next call, and have another brew. Most people don’t spend their whole day alone, and nor should you while you’re at home. Set up a tea break date with your partner, housemate, or even video call the colleagues you’d normally congregate around the kettle with. A natter while the kettle boils is rejuvenating – don’t feel you have to rush back to your desk to prove you’re not slacking, or panic that you’ve missed your phone ring. You would step away from your desk at the office too, everyone knows that you’re working and that breaks are important!

shut the fridge door!

Separate your work snacks from your regular snacks, else you’ll eat yourself out of house and home (it also reduces the number of times you stand staring forlornly into the fridge wishing more snacks into existence!). Set yourself a daily treat – a cookie at your elevenses tea break, or a chocolate for your 3pm boost! Keep the snack demons at bay by increasing your water intake - and maybe pop a cheeky cold brew in there to liven it up... check them out here.

work hard, play hard

By not having to fight your way on to the bus or the train, you’ve been granted extra time in your day – make sure you use it! Not only will it help you decompress after a day of staring at your emails, but it’ll help shift your home back into a living space when the working hours are through. Team teapigs are well versed in this one – whether it’s going for a bike ride with your doggo in tow, baking bread in a slow cooker, or embroidering your jeans, there’s loads to do!

enjoy it!

Working from home gives you a lot more flexibility, so enjoy it! On sunny days, set yourself up in the garden for your next call - if you’re lucky enough to have one! Brighten your day by popping some flowers or plants near your desk, lighting a candle, or even the simple things like finally get to control the radio...!

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