Huzzah...we're still tasty!

Run by the Guild of Fine Foods, the Great Taste Awards is the world's largest and most trusted food & drink awards. It sees thousands of products blind tasted by a panel of experts to find the best of the best.

We're thrilled to announce that this year we won a grand total of 15 awards, including an award for our new peach & mango kombucha which we are especially chuffed about. These 15 awards bring us to a fabulous total of 152 Great Taste awards to date!

Let's take a look at the winners and some of the things the judges had to say...

1 Star Awards | Delivers Fantastic Flavour

peach & mango kombucha

"This bright kombucha has a clear golden colour and a light sparkle. The aromas of peach and mango come through prominently on nose and follow on the palate."

peach & mango cold brew

"A nostalgic flavour that is light, refreshing and not cloying or overly sweet on the palate in any way. Delicious."

lychee & rose cold brew

"There is a strong, almost syrupy, lychee and rose aroma to this. On the palate, the acidity balances out the sweetness making this a refreshing drink. The lychee fruit and rose profiles are there, but in balance with each other and the overall effect is surprisingly pleasant."

everyday brew

"The amber liquor delivers a rich and robust character with good body and strength. Bright, brisk with an attractive appearance."

"This black tea blend is refreshing with some good flavour, and a hardness (indicative of a well made, fresh tea)."

mao feng green tea

"A fine neat leaf, with some twist and style. The cup appears bright and clear, with an attractive yellow colour. A fresh good quality green tea, with a smooth refreshing character and absolutely no bitterness."

honeybush & rooibos

"A pleasant smooth and gentle blend. The blend of honeybush and rooibos work well together, tasting a little sweeter than rooibos alone."

fennel & liquorice

"There is a sweet creamy liquorice character coming through on the palate which has quite long length and coats both the mouth and throat. We enjoyed its straightforward appeal."


"The preparation of the herbs and flowers is very good and not dusty. The liquid is bright and clear as is the flavour. It's clean and fresh. The chamomile is well balanced with the lemon balm. A lovely drink - refreshing and beautifully different. Delicious."

earl grey strong

"An attractive blend with a bright and vibrant liquor. A good quality tea character with definite citrusy notes rising through the blend."


"On the nose the chamomile is very gentle as it is on the palate. It is a soft, gentle mouthful with a lingering sweetness and a long finish. Enjoyable and refreshing."


"An aromatic tea which delivers on minty flavour. You feel the product is pure. The palate is left refreshed and clean...and minty!"

chocolate & mint

"The infusion is a lovely gold-green colour, and the taste delivers well on the promise of the aroma. The mouth feel is warm and sweet, and the mint injects cool notes on the finish, helping to round off a satisfying drink."


"A clean and warming brew with a mellow spiced aroma when made. A pleasant heat to the tea, a slight sweetness from the apple and sharp cleansing kick from the lemon balm with a clean bitter finish. An intriguing tea that we found moreish and easy to drink."


"The taste is gentle, and indicates considerable skill on the part of the maker. The chamomile gives its grassy floral notes, the lavender, which can easily dominate, is at just the right level, and the apple provides fruity sweetness."

yerba mate

"The smokiness is well balanced, developing on the palate and finishing with a soft fading away. Yerba mate can be too strong for some European tastes, but this is a subtle and enjoyable drink which is both stimulating and relaxing."

which blends are your favourites?

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