As part of Follow the Frog week that we’ve been supporting here at teapigs HQ, last week 4 of the teapigs team headed to the Rainforest Alliance headquarters as part of their special bloggers event.  We managed to meet with some lovely environmental focused bloggers, and hear from the Rainforest Alliance about all the brilliant work they’ve been focusing on, not just to encourage us to follow the frog this week, but to continue this enthusiasm for sustainable produce to everything that we do. Our everyday brew tea is Rainforest Alliance certified :)

By following the frog, you are choosing products that ensure a sustainable future for the area from which the products are sourced, and for us that means our delicious teas can be sourced from well-managed, top quality tea estates.  We were also joined by Drury coffee, who also work closely with the Rainforest Alliance, and they also gave us some great new latte art skills – which we’ll of course make good use of now it’s turning into perfect chai latte season!