With all the hullabaloo that has been 2020 so far, we blinked and it’s suddenly Easter! It’s safe to say that this one will be a little different to any we’ve experienced before, and so we thought it would be nice to look back at what normally makes it so special. We asked team teapigs what their favourite things about the season is and here’s what they had to say. I’ll start us off, shall I?


Baking season! Who doesn’t love a seasonal treat? Whether it was making cornflake nests with the cousins when they were young, or an extra chocolatey cake now that I’m grown, it’s the perfect excuse for eating all the sweets. This year, team teapigs had a visit from Hen Corner to learn to make vegan hot cross buns inspired by our limited edition hot cross bun tea - my first foray into the world of breads, it’s one that I’ll definitely be trying again! Check out the recipe here.

tiny teapig Leonie loved both Easter cakes and subtle patterned clothing


I used to get a box of three creme eggs with three pound coins sellotaped across it as an Easter gift from my Gran and Gramps. That was ace!


My family celebrate Sul y Blodau – where we go and wash & decorate our loved ones graves… give me a creme egg and a quid any day!


Mum’s Easter Roast Dinner brings the whole family together; my nan, mum, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins and cousin’s children, lots of little ones running around. It’s like Christmas in Spring, all of us waiting patiently for the big spread that mum has been preparing for days, there is always enough for seconds, sometimes even thirds! Even better when the sun is out and we can spend the day in the garden enjoying a few glasses of Savvy B…


We have 2 types of homemade pasta: brodo (chicken broth pasta), and cappellini with tomato sugo, then we have roast lamb and roast duck. And a colomba (an Easter dove-shaped cake, like a pannettone but better because it has a nutty, sweet, crispy, sugary topping all over it) for afters.


I had my very first Easter egg hunt at the grand old age of 23. It’s now my favourite thing!


Would covering a chicken’s egg with chocolate and giving it to my brother count if I only did it once? Raw. Obviously. It was very funny and would be happy to turn it into a tradition…

teapig Kitty may appear innocent but this Easter Bunny is up to no good... 

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