Have you heard of our real tea mission? It’s a simple premise really – we want to save people from tasteless dusty tea you so often find in paper tea bags, and offer them a world of whole leaf yumminess and top quality brews bursting with flavour.

If you agree that a proper cuppa really is very important indeed and that we should no longer stand for over priced dust, then join our mission and let your voice be heard! Let us know why you love real whole leaf brews and help us spread our message. You’ll even get a discount code for a free pack of everyday brew tea on your next order as a thank you.

Head over here to join and take a look below at what teapigs customers have been shouting about in the last few months.

“Tea should not resemble saw dust, we want to see the leaves!”

“Tea does seem to taste so much better when you get the whole leaf.”

“Teapigs are one of those companies you instantly love! They care for their customers. They think long and hard about what makes a good cup of tea and that effort shows! Teapigs tea is the best I have ever tasted and I haven't looked back! DRINK REAL TEA.”

“Real tea is not only tastier, but healthier as well. There are few things I've tried in my lifetime that make me feel as good as a real cup of hot tea.”

“Real tea keeps you: sane, hydrated and happy. It tastes: yummy, wholesome, sexy. We need real tea so we can: live life at 100 miles an hour”

“Fed up of dusty strong tea! Whole leaf is the way to go!”

“Can't live without Teapigs!! Long may you reign :)”

“Went out for the day in St Ives and ordered a normal Tea and a Tea Pigs cuppa came out. Best cuppa ive had so keen to relive the event and try some more :)”

“Circle of life: drink tea: be happy.”

“Real tea gives you a buzzy zingy mouth it's more soothing and comforting than fluff tea.”

“You can't buy happiness, but you can buy tea and that's kinda the same thing!”

“Real tea makes me feel great! Tea should be about beautiful flavours and teapigs has mastered this!”

“My girlfriend opened my eyes to proper tea. Long live the leaf! =)”

“Quality over quantity every time. Why scrimp when you can get so much more from a quality tea? Love the aroma, love the packaging, love the taste! mmmm!”

“Because a special cup of tea can be the making of a good day.”

“Real tea means better tasting tea with much more flavour! a joy to drink,real pleasure, real tea please.”

“Cafes and restaurants seem to offer a fairly wide range of coffees and yet simply have one choice of 'tea'. There's no excuse when companies like Teapigs offer such wide range of different teas.”