In 2012, teapigs was available in about 50 stores in the United States. While that’s not a lot, the sales in those stores were strong enough that we were convinced Americans were ready for our take on premium tea. 

Here we are in 2015 and while we’ve still got a long way to go in spreading the word about teapigs, there are now over 400+ stores, cafes and shops that are carrying teapigs. From the quaintest gift shop in Iowa to the slickest, most innovative grocery store in Boston (opening this week!), teapigs is starting to take the US by storm.

In the 18 months since teapigs US opened its doors, we’ve launched our website, we’ve won the Oscar of the food world, we’ve criss-crossed the country at least a dozen times and, most importantly, we’ve seen endless smiles as people sipped teapigs for the very first time.

What’s next for us in the US? How about launching our own matcha super power green tea drink, releasing 5 new blends this summer and more and more customers every week!

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