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Matcha Magic: Your Cheeky Guide to All Things Matcha Powder!

Ever looked at a tin of teapigs matcha and thought "How do you use matcha powder?" or "What is matcha powder used for?". Well, you're about to applaud your curiosity as a riveting journey awaits you!

Dive headfirst into the invigorating universe of matcha! Say adios to the 4pm slump, turn your mornings zesty, and give your mocktails a makeover – all thanks to matcha!.

Formulated from 100% green tea leaves, matcha is one hail-fellow-well-met among teas. Now, sit tight, grab a cuppa, and let's explore all the fantastically creative ways to use this green tea superhero.

How to Use Matcha Powder Like a Pro

Let's start with the basics, shall we? You might be dying to know: how do you use matcha powder when you want a cup of tea? Fear not, fellow tea-lover, for we are here to educate you in the art of matcha-making:

  1. Sift about 1-2 teaspoons of teapigs matcha powder into a small bowl.
  2. Gradually add hot (but not boiling, about 80°C) water while whisking with a bamboo whisk or a frother.
  3. Voilà! You're a matcha whizz! Or... a matcha whizz-ker? You get the gist!

What To Use Matcha Powder For (Hint: It's Not Just Tea!)

Hang on to your teacups folks; matcha is not just for a cuppa anymore! Here are some delightful ways to use matcha powder in your daily life:

Matcha-infused Water or Juice

You can quickly reap the tasty benefits of matcha by adding it to your water or fruit juice bottle. Give it a vigorous shake and bam! Now you can hydrate with an added nutrient kick. Running late? Shake your Matcha-infused drink while en route to the bus!

Matcha for Skin

Who knew that matcha could be a beautician!? Just mix some matcha powder with honey or yoghurt, and you've got yourself a DIY face mask that's absolutely lush! Now you can sip your matcha while wearing it. 

matcha smoothie drawing

Supercharge Your Smoothies, Oats or Post-Gym Shake

  • Fancy a proper vibrant smoothie for breakfast? Give it a little oomph by adding a scoop of matcha green tea powder, you'll get loads of energy to start your day off right. Your taste buds will thank you too!
  • Prepare your morning kickstart the night before with overnight matcha oats! 
  • Super Shake: Add a full 1g serving of matcha to your protein shake. This will give you an additional nutrient punch post-workout!

Matcha Goodness in Baked Treats

Everyone deserves a bit of naughtiness now and then, but why not spruce up your sweets with some green goodness? Matcha makes for scrumptious cookies, cupcakes, and more! Not only will they look smashing, but you'll feel a tad less guilty when you nibble on one. Or three. We won't judge.

Invigorating Iced Matcha Latte

Here's a top tip for a sweltering summer's day: mix your matcha with milk, natural sweetener, and ice for a fantastically refreshing iced matcha latte. Sip while soaking up the sun or just lounging about. It's a game-changer.

Iced Matcha Mocktails

For a refreshing treat, mix up a batch of iced Matcha mocktails. Use fresh mint, matcha, lemonade, and ice for a delicious and refreshing drink. Of course, a splash of gin can turn it into a lively boozy alternative.

Simply Sprinkle on Your Favourite Snacks

Turn your popcorn, salted nuts, or roasted chickpeas into a smashing green snack by dusting 'em with matcha powder. Be the life of the party with this mouth-watering matcha twist!

Best Way to Use Matcha Powder? You Decide!

There you have it, fellow tea enthusiasts, an enlightening exploration into the world of matcha green tea uses. No longer will you ask yourself how to use matcha green tea powder. Who knew the possibilities were so vast and delightful?!

matcha latte in a glass cup

Pick up some of our marvellous matcha powder today and start exploring new ways to use matcha. Incorporate it into your daily routine in these creative ways, and you'll never face a dull moment again! Explore our inviting range of matcha products, and share your creations – we're @teapigs over on Instagram, see you over there!