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Kinto glass one touch teapot 720ml
Kinto loose leaf glass teapot and glass mug

kinto unitea one touch teapot


about this product

This glass teapot with a built-in infuser can hold 2 cups of tea, making it great for sharing or for treating yourself to a well-deserved tea break whilst watching your fave blend brew. Don’t the chamomile flowers look pretty!?


720ml capacity | dishwasher safe | height 12.5cm | width 15cm

Body: heat resistant glass | Lid: stainless steel & silicone

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love it! I use it everyday for flowering tea and loose green & jasmine tea pearls. Whatever the loose tea it’s fantastic. So easy to clean and beautiful to watch for flowering teas

Slow to pour

It's a good tea pot and easy to clean

However, sometimes it is very slow to pour - almost like the mesh is blocked by tea leaves (despite the mesh being clear).

Quite frustrating and disappointing considering the cost of the tea pot.

Georgina Shine
Too adorable

I love this teapot, it’s a great teapot in terms of keeping tea warm and steeping and all the things you’d hope a teapot would do. But, it is also adorable, I just love this teapot it feels very classy and quite cute at the same time

Lovely teapot

I love the size and the shape of the teapot, it’s very easy to clean by hand. Also it is simple to use without any further step, just put your tea leaves inside and then hot water. The only thing I feel a bit concerned is about pouring, sometimes tea leaves or chunks of fruits might clog the way and make the later half of my tea harder and slower to come out. Anyway I enjoy its look and convenience and love using it.