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Pencils in a pot
Milk and a sandwich
A pair of shoes
medical kit
Pile of books
A bed

charitable donation

£0.50 to £150.00

We make an automatic donation to the Point Foundation with every pack of everyday brew we sell, so if you drink our everyday brew, you'll be donating. We also match all donations made on our websites, which you can do here if you'd like. Here's an indication of what our donations can buy?

  • 50p provides school pens for 1 child per term
  • £1 provides lunch, milk and a snack at morning break time
  • £2 provides a pair of shoes for a child at nursery
  • £3 provides a child's health insurance for a year
  • £5 provides school text books
  • £10 provides a physio mattress for children's therapies or a school uniform