How to drink matcha

How to drink matcha

Group matcha shot

Getting your daily matcha health fix is easy.  Traditionally matcha is drunk whisked in to hot water as a smooth green tea; that’s how you would drink it if you went to a Japanese tea ceremony.

The great thing about matcha is that,  because it is a powder, you can add it to pretty much anything you fancy. As long as you get your 1/2 teaspoon, you will get all its fantastic health benefits.

The teapigs way…

We like to make a matcha shot every morning for a daily health fix.

teapigs tip! Don’t fill the liquid right to the top of your glass, or it’ll spill when you whisk it!

Matcha shots

  • teaspoon

    Simply take ½ teaspoon of matcha

  • cup

    Add it to your chosen drink (fruit juice, hot/cold water or milk), smoothie or yoghurt

  • matcha man with heart

    Give it a whisk (a hand held electric milk frother works best) and knock it back in one!


Why not try a teapigs matcha kit which has all you need to make the perfect matcha!


More matcha ideas…

Matcha really is the most versatile of all teas – you can use it in food as well as drink. For the creatives among you, here are some fantastic matcha recipe ideas to try: