How to drink matcha

How to drink matcha

Group matcha shot

Getting your daily matcha health fix is easy.  Traditionally matcha is drunk whisked in to hot water as a smooth green tea; that’s how you would drink it if you went to a Japanese tea ceremony.

The great thing about matcha is that,  because it is a powder, you can add it to pretty much anything you fancy. As long as you get your 1/2 teaspoon, you will get all its fantastic health benefits.

The teapigs way…

We like to make a matcha shot every morning for a daily health fix.

teapigs tip! Don’t fill the liquid right to the top of your glass, or it’ll spill when you whisk it!

Matcha shots

  • teaspoon

    Simply take ½ teaspoon of matcha

  • cup

    Add it to your chosen drink (fruit juice, hot/cold water or milk), smoothie or yoghurt

  • matcha man with heart

    Give it a whisk (a hand held electric milk frother works best) and knock it back in one!


There are LOADS of ways to get your daily matcha fix. We have some super recipe ideas here.