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loose leaf tea infuser in cup
loose leaf tea infuser out of cup

loose leaf tea infuser


about this product

Loose leaf tea made simple. This stainless steel infuser rests in your cup or pot. When the tea has infused, simply empty the leaves and wash out. Easy!


suitable for teapigs whole leaf tea | stainless steel | height 5cm | width 5.5cm | width with lip 9.5cm | dishwasher safe

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Pleased with this easy to use when you don't fancy a pot.

Ian Hew
Gaps make it completely worthless

Would be perfect, but it has big gaps where the cylinder is attached to the bottom of the infuser. Almost all the tea leaves can escape through these gaps so it is completely useless. Looks almost identical to the infuser in my teapot, which doesn't have gaps. I can't believe teapigs are selling such a useless infuser. I'd be ashamed to sell it. Would give zero stars if possible.

Not as good as expected

The design of the infuser is great. The actual manufacturing is shoddy, with gaps where the different metal parts are joined together and some extraneous small sharp bits of metal I pulled off with my fingers, on both of the infusers I bought. Clearly cheaply made in China (out of actual food-safe stainless steel, one hopes...), very similar to another basket infuser I bought on Amazon and returned due to its low quality. I guess it's not possible to get anything better, so I will keep the ones I ordered as they are functional enough, and I am happy to support Teapigs' business. Infuser is still probably healthier than drinking the plastic/bioplastic all tea bags on the market leach into the tea. I would very much have preferred to buy infusers made in the UK to a higher standard though.

Sharon Forbes
Perfect for my Contigo flask

I bought the Everyday loose tea and infuser bundle for £13.99 which is cheaper than buying the Contigo tea infuser. This fits my Contigo flask perfectly and I make up a flask of tea every morning. I work from home but the flask means I have hot absolutely delicious tasting tea to last me the morning. Absolutely delighted with my purchase and when not using my flask the infuser fits perfectly into my cups so I delicious perfect tea all day. I am going to buy another tea and infuser bundle next pay day.

Ella C
Makes great tea, works in all mugs

This infuser is perfect. Recently converted to loose leaf tea and it's really easy to use. The tea brews nicely and it feels all my different size mugs. It took a couple of teas to know how long I like it brewed for, but will never go back!