pick n mix

Build your own tea box…one of our most popular products; perfect for gifting or for treating yourself (we won’t tell anyone). Choose from our super cute box of 12 x “piglet” mini packs containing 2 tea temples each, our box of 3 x 15 tea temple packs or our box of 6 x 15 tea temples packs. Once you’ve chosen your box size, you’ll be able to build your own selection or (if you’re feeling indecisive) choose from some combinations we’ve already put together.
Trio of 50, 15, and 2 pack earl grey strong teabags

earl grey strong tea

from £1.00

Trio of 50, 15 and 2 packs of everyday brew black teabags

everyday brew

on sale from £1.00 Regular price £69.60

15 pack of fennel and liquorice teabags

fennel and liquorice


10 pack of limited edition winter gluhwein teabags

glühwein tea

from £1.00

Trio of 50, 15, and 2 packs of green tea with mint teabags

green tea with mint

from £1.00

green tea with peach

green tea with peach

from £1.00

15 pack of Happy Feel Good teabags

happy with lemon balm

from £1.00

three packs of honeybush and rooibos tea in different sizes

honeybush & rooibos tea

from £1.00

trio of 50, 15, and 2 packs of lemon and ginger teabags

lemon & ginger tea

from £1.00

trio of 50, 15, and 2 packs of liquorice and peppermint teabags

liquorice and peppermint tea

from £1.00

10 pack of cold brew lychee and rose tea

lychee and rose cold brew

from £1.00

Trio of 50, 15 and 2 packs of Mao Feng Green Tea teabags

mao feng green tea

from £2.00