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Cardboard box with a question mark on it.

teapigs mystery box


In each mystery box, there will be a selection of teas that may be a little bit wonky. From slightly damaged outer packaging to stock with either shorter shelf lives or slightly past their best-before date. But not to worry, they're still perfectly safe to drink and super tasty. You'll receive a minimum of £24 worth of goodies for only £8!

From tea temples, loose leaf, feel goods, cold brews and matcha, there’s a huge variety of teas that can be included in the mystery boxes. They’re great for keeping your daily tea break exciting! You might even get lucky and find a rogue mug or bottle in your order too, but don't worry... they'll be in perfect condition.

They not only give you the chance to stock up on blends at a cheaper price but you'll also help to reduce perfectly good products from going to waste.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great way to try new teas!

This is an excellent product and I love to concept of receiving a mystery mix of Teapigs teas. A great way to find new favourites and reduce waste by ensuring slightly damaged boxes with perfect tea inside get to be enjoyed.

Can we bring this back

Please bring back

Veronica Watson
Fun package

Good value. Decent selection

Julie Robson
Great bix

Good value for money. Nice selection in the box

Lorraine Trainor
Not my cup of ..

I think I misunderstood what these were . I was really disappointed as was expecting an actual box with a diverse range of teas- so I ordered three as gifts- but they were just loose (so not gift like) and a lot of repetitions in each ‘box’ . Lot of cold brew so not that appealing if I’m honest. Gave it away to friends but lacked the ‘mystery box’ excitement