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Royal Blue Bulldog keep cup
blackberry coloured cockerel keep cup

teapigs keep cup


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about this product

We love a keep cup - it means we're never without our favourite brew and can cut down on the amount of take away cups out in the world (win, win!). Brew your tea at home, or simply hand your keep cup over to your favourite teapigs cafe and get your cuppa to go.

Do keep in mind that this isn't a thermal flask, and has been designed as an alternative to disposable cups - so brew your tea and enjoy while nice and hot! If you're after a thermal cup check out our thermal keep cup!

340ml | made from toughened soda lime glass - not unbreakable but surprisingly durable | non-toxic and BPS and BPA free | band made from sustainably sourced cork | hand wash only | not suitable for microwaves | 6.2 x 11.1cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews


Tom Denton

Great quality cup which sits lovely in the van keeps your drink at the right temperature just hope I don’t drop it 😅

Jennifer Turner
teapigs keep cup

I absolutely love this cup and use it everyday. It keeps my tea nicely warm, so that I can make it and drink it as while later, but it's not scolding hot, like with a flask. Looks great too!

Agnes Hajdina
teapigs keep cup

I always loved KeepCups, the idea and the shape. Finally I own one. Really good quality, it feels and looks amazing. The cork from Portugal makes it extra special to me.