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teapigs branded travel tin for teapigs teabags
teapigs travel tin

teapigs travel tea tin


about this product

A handy travel tin to make sure you're fully prepared for any tea-based emergency that might come your way. Pop a couple of tea temples in and rest easy knowing you'll never be without your favourite brew.


hinged lid | 8 x 5 x 1.5cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This is a very cute and handy tin to pop in my handbag for my favourite teas on the go. It isn’t very big and holds about 3 tea bags max but that is sufficient for me. I really appreciated the good customer service in sending out a prompt replacement for the missing item in my order. Love tea pigs! 😊

David Sandry
It’s too small!!!!

I was excited about this and it is very useful, but only takes 2 teabags, 3 at a crush… I’d happily buy another one if it was twice the size.


Christmas present


Bought as gift

Fab idea

No-one should be this excited over a little tin, but I was over the moon when I saw this had become available to purchase! I had already seen it as part of the gift set and emailed the team to ask if it could be bought separately. Whilst the answer at that time was 'no', perhaps others had asked similar questions and the combined feedback led to this.
I have several small tins that I use for keeping essentials in my handbag (migraine medication, plasters etc) so I love that I can now add tea to this list. I've recently become a fan of rooibos tea, which is not something that my friends or many cafes have. Now I can keep a couple of teabags with me all the time for when I want a caffeine-free treat, whilst out-and-about.
My only slight criticism is that there is no small indent on the lip side to help secure the tin when closed. Once I have added two pyramids the lid feels a little springy; as though it might loosen when jolted about in a hand bag. If one is using flat teabags (shock horror!) this probably won't be an issue. Only time will tell. However, knocking a whole star off for this minor preference feels a little harsh: 4.5 out of 5 from me!!
Thank you, Teapigs. :)